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Teledermatology - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use the application?

The download, installation, and use of this app is completely free. If you upload your case to a publicly financed institution such as a hospital, the diagnostic evaluation of the photos is paid by social security, therefore if the patient has a social security number (TAJ number) and a valid social security account, the diagnosis is free as well, meaning the entire process is absolutely free.

If you use the services of a private institution, you have to pay the fee for the evaluation determined by the institution before you upload your case.

How can I download this app?

Depending on the make of the phone, either an iPhone or an Android, you can find our application in the Apple Store or Google Play Store by searching for “MedInnoScan” (blue logo on a white background).

By clicking on the “Install” button there the application will download and install itself.

Can I upload my case any time of the day?

Yes, the computer never sleeps, you can upload your medical concerns even at three in the morning. Reviewing happens during office hours however, thus if you upload outside that period you have to count the 72 hour deadline from the beginning of the first working day after the upload.

Can I upload a family members' case? Whose TAJ number do I enter in that case?

Yes, you can use the application to upload a family members’ case for evaluation.

Please note that you must have received permission from the patient before uploading the case. If you upload without permission you commit unlawful data processing. In case of a child patient you must have permission from the parent or guardian.

To upload somebody else’s case you log in to the application yourself but put down the patient’s data as patient data, and take photographs of the patient’s ID documents not your own.

Can I upload pictures I made outside the app?

Yes, you can upload pictures made outside the app.

Can I use the teledermatological consultation from a laptop or computer?

Unfortunately no, at this time it is only available as a mobile application.

The app is not compatible with my phone. What can I do?

Ask to borrow a phone for fifteen minutes to do the examination. All the photos and data are stored encrypted on the phone, then we immediately delete them after uploading. Therefore, the original owner of the device will not see the pictures, nor the answers to the questionnaire.

The only thing to keep in mind is to write down the “PDF password” from the “Settings” page (gear icon) before giving back the device, in order to access your results when they arrive in your email account. On the same “Settings” page if you click on the “Log out” button, the original user of the device will never be able to see your “PDF password”. (If you do not log out, this password will remain accessible.)

I cannot use the front-facing camera. How can I take a picture of my face?

Since you can attach and upload pictures taken outside the application, you can take pictures with the front panel camera in advance and then upload them in the application.

For taking pictures within the app, the easiest way is to stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of yourself in the mirror. A bit more complicated way is to take a photo of yourself directly while adjusting the phone watching its screen in the mirror.

We are doing our best to include a camera switch option, however. We are asking for your patience in the meantime. Launching the app quickly was our top priority, thinking that speed was of the essence, therefore the implementation of many convenience functions have been delayed.

Do you have a customer service I can call on the phone?

Yes, our colleague, Dóra Török, is at your service during office hours to answer any app related questions you may have. She cannot advise you on any medical questions! Similarly, she cannot tell you when exactly you will get your results back. Her phone number is: +36 30 321 6463.