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Diagnostics of Chronic Wounds

We have started a research program jointly with the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Surgical Research and Techniques of the Medical School of the University of Pécs. The research  is aimed at creating an artificial intelligence algorithm under medical control for the support of healing chronic wounds by selecting an optimal care strategy based on photos and other data captured about the wounds.

At the system core, there is an artificial intelligence based on deep convolutional neural network, which processes, evaluates and classifies the photos taken on the wounds. In order to train the artificial intelligence system, a lot of sample pictures are required. Due to the regrettable fact that chronic wounds are  widespread, there are many wounds one can take pictures of and these photos can be used with the patient’s consent. Individual wound types can be associated with optimal therapeutic decisions. Showing these pictures and therapeutic decisions to the artificial intelligence, the system learns to identify individual wound types and recommend an optimal therapy. The artificial intelligence makes only recommendations, the specialists should always have the final word!